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Shovelware’s Brain Game Online Play for Free

Shovelware’s Brain Game is a unique puzzle project that challenges players to think outside the box and use their cognitive skills to solve a variety of challenging riddles. Time to test your knowledge and spend time having fun with other people!

Welcome to the show!

One of the most impressive aspects of this product is its gameplay. The game is designed to be intuitive and easy to pick up, yet challenging enough to keep users engaged and entertained. With a range of different puzzles to solve, you have to think creatively and use your skills to progress through the game.

You play a personage you are able to design and customize as you want. Everything begins when the host starts the show and introduces all the participants and prizes. You will compete with other users from all over the world. And your mission is to receive more points, win and enjoy your huge prize.

The host is a hilarious speaking banana who is ready to ask you some difficult and interesting questions. And the building is full of guests who will watch the show from their seats. It makes the process more realistic. As you feel yourself like a real star on the TV. So let the show begin!

Pick a theme

The game consists of a series of levels, each with a unique puzzle that participants need to solve to progress to the next round. You begin to play by choosing a theme. Then, the system generates the question connected with the necessary theme. And you need to pick the right option to succeed.

The puzzles require users to use logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to find the solution. As you progress through the levels, the questions become increasingly challenging, making it a truly immersive and engaging experience. And if you answer wrong, your opponent still has a chance to get his points instead of you.

The themes are different. Remember your knowledge in literature. Are you good at chemistry and physics? Or your strong side is geography? The list also consists of various funny questions and puzzles on modern themes. So you will definitely find something you know. Or you can always refer to hacks.

Reach the final and win

One of the best things about this project is that it is available on pc, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Which means you will always have opponents for the round. And you need to score more points than your enemy to get your prizes at the end of the show.

After you listen to the question, you need to watch the options. Think about every option and try to find the right one. Then, choose the one you think is correct and wait for your opponent to make his move. The host will announce the right answer and give the winner the necessary amount of points.

There are no secrets to victory. Of course, you can search for the information on the Internet. But it’s more interesting to play and think for yourself. Show other characters how smart you are and get a huge reward at the end!
If you enjoy solving riddles, you came to the right address. Choose a version you like, and let’s go!