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Shovelware’s Brain Game Banana

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This comedic quiz is waiting for everyone who wants to spend time having fun and show their knowledge. If you recognize yourself in these words, you are welcome on this show!

What’s your task?

Shovelware’s Brain Game is a project that will test your intelligence and knowledge. You will become a participant in the special show. Your main aim is to win the main prize. And the only way to complete your task is to answer all the questions from the quiz right.

But be ready, because other participants will also try to reach the victory. The game is simple, but the challenges can be deceptively difficult. Players must use a variety of tools and strategies to solve each puzzle, including logic and creative thinking.

The game starts with easy levels that introduce players to the mechanics, but quickly ramps up the difficulty to keep things challenging. And the more you move forward, the more difficult the tasks become. So you better be ready for the grand final!

What are the questions about?

So the show begins. You appear in the cartoon studio with a host and other participants. Of course, the show guests are already on their places. Developers prepared different types of questions. And you need to score the biggest number of points to win and get your huge reward.

The most simple ones are the average questions that test your knowledge in different school subjects. It can be a simple question about the continents or something difficult from your chemistry school course. You have four options with only one right answer. Think and find it before your opponents make their move.

But Shovelware’s Brain Game creators added other quizzes too. Take a look at the picture and discover what’s happening there. The answers are tricky, so pay attention to every detail. During the rounds you have the opportunity to win little prizes. And the more points you score, the bigger your chance to win becomes.

Enjoy this fun and challenging puzzle project on this site and don’t forget to invite your friends. Compete together or against other users and win!