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Shovelware’s Brain Game 2

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Are you ready for the exciting quiz with huge prizes and interesting questions? Hosts in Shovelware’s Brain Game prepared a bunch of puzzles for you. So time to show your intelligence and knowledge on this site!

Find the answer

The premise of Shovelware’s Brain Game is simple: players must complete a series of puzzles that become progressively more difficult as they progress through the levels. These puzzles range from classic logic questions to memory games and visual quizzes. Each level is designed to test different cognitive abilities, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and pattern recognition.

You need to answer different questions that appear on your screen. All the puzzles are divided into different categories. And the participants pick the themes before the round. All events take place in the studio where the popular show is filmed. You are surrounded by different guests and other participants. Of course, there is a host who reads the questions and announces the theme.

How to play?

This project is designed to be easy to pick up, with intuitive controls and clear instructions for each puzzle. So you will quickly figure everything out and begin the first quiz. Listen to the question. It can be an average riddle where you need to remember something or think logically.

But developers added other types of puzzles too. So sometimes you will guess what’s happening in the pictures. A special guest with a big screen comes to the studio to show you some interesting pictures. And that’s not the entire list of cool types of quizzes developers prepared for you. You need to pick the right answer from all the options and wait for the results.

After every successfully answered question you receive points. The winner is the user who received more points at the end of the game. And the winner receives the prize. In addition to the standard mode, developers also included a number of extra features to keep you engaged. Like daily challenges and a variety of achievements to unlock.

Whether you want to test your knowledge or just look for a new exciting project to play, this is the title that’s definitely worth checking out.